Monday, August 31, 2009


my cell is totally not working :(
and im fcuking hate it .
and daddy said wanna buy me a new cells !!
XD . i wonder which will be mine ? :)
have some fun conversations with my mum .

watching movies

mum : if we have swimming pool jau good hor ?
me : yaloh . but wont have ge la
mum : if marr !!! if got hor BWUAHAHA . i can swim all the time !!
me : HAHAHA . i wish too ! then we pakai bikini !!!
mum : then put lotion !!!! then i can excersis my hand
me : dont dreaming la mum .
mum : ish . hope jer mar !!!

then while mum watching movie with fokus i go kacau her

me : you look like a baby
mum : winks*
me : dont perasan
mum : ish . kanasai . dont kacau me mum is freaking funny !!! HAHAHA
went to yeolde english just now
to eat !!!!
whoa ! that drinks is so large !!!
just imagine it !! XD
then went to billion to buy coffee
after that off to home !
yea,gonna reopen school tomorrow !!!
hate it !!
yea,i havent wash my shoes !!!
*swing my hips and giggle !

Thursday, August 27, 2009

chiu nie (:

happy sweet 14 my girl
yea,seriously you love angel koo only lor
no me la
dont want give you cake !!
ei,happy birthday my dear
wish you get what you want
especially,erhem erhem
you know la !
iloveyou :DD
and i meant it


went to library with xiao hui and Chai carmen .
yea,chai carmen was late !!
saw yen wen and her friends .
say hi to her.
maybe that called manners !
then cam-whore
fcuk ! my cable cant use dee.
what the fcuk .
btw,keep texting with lily so yah my phone ran out of credits
im sorry tsu ping cant reply your text ! ):
btw,we do cam-whore
took some pictures with chai carmen
will updated soon as i get back fixed my cable .
i miss lily >33
sei po !
btw,i thought im gonna meet up tsu ping at parade .
but , at last yea cannot because we have to go library
really ):
i miss my darlings seriously

elvis >33 ( yea,i do miss you and i meant it )
hoi yee >3(we've planned to hang out !)
cheyan >3(my babyy !)
sayang tim !!
baby yun !
more and more and more !!
ergh,i wish they just cant stood up infront of me in a sudden the i'll be happy !

Monday, August 24, 2009


yah , stop nagging around us
your voice make us wanna puke n it
yea , you're biggest
bla bla bla
yea , get lost
you didnt get any respect from us seriously
having an anger ?
come'on . i guess you dont have the guts . yea , you dont have
it seems so obvious to see
call cops . duh , come'on see cops will take you to jail or us ?
yea yea yea , you're an old damn lady
so , you need respect ?
duh , respect us before you respect us
thats our infinty
so , you're not the trinity
so , get lost
how dulan is your life ?
wanna get more information ?
stay this world get over your work
resign and have an arsehole partner .
your dulan life make us happy !

Sunday, August 23, 2009

new layouts

my new layouts . i think is much better that the old one
its seem so hard to see what i wrote
my friends told me that
i think this one is more better . hees :))

my sister is fixing my hair . ohh yeah i can say that she's playing my hair
after playing my hair .

the conversations

she : ehh , so cute
me : HAHAHA !
she : like prostitute only . XD
me : HAR!!!!! wtf
she : laugh till burst down
me : shit la you . hate you la . fixed back my hair
she : neninibubu !!! prostitute !!
me : * ignore her

then she went to bath
after bath she cam out and wanna sayang me back

she : lalala ~~
me : i post at blog what you say just now
she : MOU LA !
me : yea , posting
she : * seeing the blog and laugh till hug me
me : with anger ! AIKK! go la
she : ei , no need do your homework ar ? tommororw need to go school somemore
me : heh ? school holiday la
she : 2 days only mar
me : where got ? 10 days okayy !
she : ya mehh ?
me : yalah . you nyanyuk already is it ?
she : HAHAHA . with a malu face she go downstairs

HAHAHA . is that funny ?
btw , that my big sister
and she's childish although she seems so old
pictures will upload .
pictures of me and her .

P/S : ily

Saturday, August 22, 2009


joo then come back from pinang
later we'll have our dinner
and YET , xiao hui is not here
because she's staying overnight at her friends house
yea , someone called me today and asked me very silly things
for sure i cant tell whats the sily question
heee :))
im going to dinner right now
dressed nice
fixes my hair with something nice
and ready to go for my dinner .
yea , i can post my blog before i leave .
whoots !
goodbye darll .
i miss hoi yee >3

Friday, August 21, 2009

xiao hui went to her friends house to sleepover
yeah , of course i'll be boring without her
and yahh , CHAI CARMEN give me an eraser that is adorable
damn adorable weyy
heee :)
hmm , xiao hui im boring without you
for sure , sometime we'll argue . HAHAHA
XD . yahh , do take care CHAI CARMEN
you very cute weyh
saw you at the bulan sabit merah hall there
yahh , i went to visit my sister there
sengaja wanna make her hungry
we tease her by many things
she join 30 hours famine program so she didnt eat for 30 hours
CHAI CARMEN came along with her
hee :) we tease her by many things
HAHAHA . chai carmen very cute weyhh
her face is so red
XD . lalala ~
xiao hui !!

me and someone

me : whyy so late ?
her : sorry lor
me : wth , dont talk to me again , youu broke your promise
her : nyerr , MOU GAM LA
me : blah blah blah
her : weyy ar , i belanja you la okayy
me : ish , who are the one talking with me , very annoying la
her : ish , fine .
me : fine la
her : fine mar fine la
me : fine la
her : fine fine fine fine fine
me : fine fine fine fine fine fine fine
her : wtf
me : no fouls words please
her : wth
me : no hell here
her : idiots
me : you la . admit pulak
her : yorr , smile la
me : duhh , i hate you
her : * pull my hair and went to toilet
me: EIII ! wth you're doing ?
her : there's something i need to say
me : what ? * it seems so serious
her : errr , MY BLADDER IS FULLL !!
me : wtf
her : quickly went inside the toilet
me : laughing non-stop
i was like wth ?
yeah , someone says wanna come and meet me up at library
and i was came in the right time
and i ve to wait for her about 1 hours
i was sitting alone there , nothing to do
just wait for her to come library
and yet she let me waiting her about an hour .
hahah . lastly , i do forgive her . hee :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


ve no idea whyy am i sad this few days
i have no idea .
yeah , i knew for sure no one will cure me .
i miss you alot seriously
i kept missing the way you smile at me
FCUK , thats so fcuking cute .
was thinking about youu all the time
yeah , i hope god will bless anytime youu need something really urgent

Sunday, August 16, 2009

daddy woke us up early in the morning .
damn it . went to eat our breakfast .
and then went to buy watch for me , joo theng and mum
daddy pay for it . * smiles
went back home
daddy wanna fetch joo leang to NILAI college back .
around 1 something daddy start his car .

around 4 something go to stadium
i mean near stadium to fetch my sister
because she have her 30 hours femine program
went back home , bath and then me and joo ying went to J.J
to eat our dinner

after eat , saw pui kuan there
smile to her , * blushing
then , went to loitering around J.J
loitering around again around ipoh
then went back home to online
heee :)

i miss my old schoolmate
cheyan :)
steph wang . my one year friend * thats what she wrote at her blog
someone really important for me
and elvis >3

missy miss them alot
hope to see them ASAP
err , daddy said he's too tired so he didnt come back to ipoh
wtf . tomorrow daddy until come back to ipoh
a bit uncomfortable without mum and dad nagging
mum nag a lots ! XD


seriously hoi yee
i thought it was my fault
and yeah you said it wasnt my fauly , im confused actually .
and i've no idea actually am i in wrong ?
yeah , im sorry
i've no idea whyy am i saying sorry
dont sad la yeee darll .
i knew for sure you'll say something make me happy
yeah , im sorry for making something fail .
some slut at my school thought i couple with hoiyee
yeah , you know who you are
stop la seriously
you're irratating me and someone
yeah , i knew you're jealousing for sure
settle this down
you've someone ugly and have no sense of brain
whapping some monkey ass , whatever
seriously , do own ur self a mirror
and take it out everyday to look at your monkey face
you KNOW who you are slut
yeah , come on slut
tell your mother or some maid whapping monkey ass
as if you dare . duhh
tell them that you have no sense of taste
and yeah tell everyone your love story
blah blah blah
kiss at class , hugg at toilet
yeah , seriously hid it inside your toilet bowl .
labels : maid whapping beggar ass is yours , and its forever .

Friday, August 14, 2009


yeah , seriously i hate youu
youu can backstabbs me in onther wayy
whatever ways you can
but , yeah youu backstabbs me infront of my friends .
TOO BAD . my friends tell me evrything
you're useless
your face make me wanna puke on it
your dress is like beggar wears it
and yeah your face is like full of pimples
is like ten thousand times you didnt wash ur face
u're imperfect and u're useless
noneless , ur world black and yeah youu are pathetic
you're paranoid and you have some anemia mental cases
yeah , i guess you know whom im talking
wash ur faces
and dont act infront of me you SLUT
go and act infront of ur ARSEHOLE friends
dont make urself line a RUBBISH
and dont make people HATE you
you ugly slut
have a shit life bitch .
yeah , this is for youu
labels : you're such a pathetic slut

Monday, August 10, 2009

first period .

damn it .
have to float class again .
it suffer alot when youu need to go other class but not ourself class .
doing my homework at library . its crowded of HUMANS .
btw , i saw her in the library.

second period

nothing to do .
sitting in OUR real classroom .
loitering around .
teacher didnt enter the class *YAYYY
after that teacher enter with our test paper . whoots !
erghh , fyi , that's BI period .

third period

sejarah time
a new teacher enters
she introducing herself with all funny languages
she makes us laughs damn lot
btw , that teacher is so damn cutee . >3

recess time

didnt ate .
drink a cup of oren and yeah went to toilet .
after that went to dutyy
saw her again
pretend to be blind
she laso pretend to be blind .
i was like WTF ?
but , kenalah her

fourth period

BM times
boring dou BOOOM
the teacher always talk to herself
and bla bla bla
[see .. it means im lazy to type ]

fifth period

its agama time
those malays went to their room
and non-malays doing nothing and sit at the damn dataran
saw those malays girls playing hockeyy
yeah , i hate it when they scream like an mental person

seven period

doing nothing and yeah loitering around the school
ohh yeah , i wonder what time she's going back ?
btw , i hate her when she's doing something with playful attitude :(
hmm , skipped it
yeah , the bell rangs
went to canteen and take [teh'o ais ]
without makcik permission
and yeah its free . hahaha
bad girl . LOL . *gaps

labels : youu never look behind

Saturday, August 8, 2009

pictures of them . arent they cute ?
admiring them *

have change my background .
i think this one is more better right ?
no offense *
ohh yeahh , i have find all my friends link and link them again.
damn it .
because of i change my background and it my friends blog link had gone . i was like wth .
fyi , it takes me AGES to settle things down . fuhh
i miss my friends a lot in a sudden .
ve no idea whyy .
sitting alone in the room thinking no one .
my brain and hearts are blank YET im still wondering what am i thinking right now . despite being alone in the room and yeah there's no one beside me .
chatted with kevin lye todaayy .
he nudge me first .
hmm , he seems very good in his life .
i wonder what happen to him ,
sighs . whatever .

P/S:i miss youu like hell .
i love youu .
can youu be mine ?
your smiles can heal my everything .

Thursday, August 6, 2009


never talk back people .
dont backstabbes people .
and its a big fault .
labels for youu : never backstabbes people
recently i love to eat mango .
the taste is sweet
i guess penny know what i means
dont youu dare to tell anyone .
or not kenalah youu at school . * winks

first test
eghh . Geografi .
damn it .
i study a while .
honeslty , i hate study geografi .
talking about the petempatan la bla bla and blahh .

second test

hmm .someone summon that i and my friend
copy each other friends
that totally ridiculous . doesnt make sense at all .
i was what the f*ck .
not me kayy !
fed up with them .
i was like wth
stop being who you do not belong to .
you're so fake .
seriously no one will believe youu .
go with your damn life and have a life slut .

labels:i miss youu .
thanks for the memories . =))
i appreciate that .

Monday, August 3, 2009


seriously i do hate youu .
and yeah seriously i do love youu .
and yeah that the reason i hate youu.
BOOOO ! youu !
ohh yeahh thanks for giving me the choclate .
hee . seriously im on diet .
ahaha . since that youu give im gonna eat until finish .
lalala ~ thanks .
heeee .

seriously i do miss youu a lot .
despite being alone in the lonely cage .
romantics mean love
and love means romantics
does this words logic ?
and officially logicly ?
i've no idea about that .

Saturday, August 1, 2009


seriously i thought you was talking about me .
because youu wrote J
and i thought you was talking about me .
and i was so down and i dont even knew what to do .
apologizes at youu or something .
blank in my brain .
blank in my heart .
but , i didnt talk about youu .
that my damn senior .
i couldnt call her senior actually .
she just a damn or shit for me .
and i hate her a lot .
since youu didnt trust .
i've nothing to say .
speechless .

P/S:10 more minutes are my daddy birthday
cant wait !
yahooooooo !

youu !

notes for youu : bitches
okayy . so what if youu hate me ?
huhh ?
is there any problems with youu ?
wanna say my bad words just come .
like i scard aboutt youu ?
from outside youu seems have anything
youu have anything what you want
but , seriously you have nothing
youu're a small weed but youu get stepped everytime .
so , get lost .
this is for youu !
middle finger . ohh yeah . im rude .
have a look at her blog what she wrote .
go away with your damn idiot life .
labes for youu :
from out side youu seems have everything
but inside youu HAVE nothing .