Friday, August 21, 2009

xiao hui went to her friends house to sleepover
yeah , of course i'll be boring without her
and yahh , CHAI CARMEN give me an eraser that is adorable
damn adorable weyy
heee :)
hmm , xiao hui im boring without you
for sure , sometime we'll argue . HAHAHA
XD . yahh , do take care CHAI CARMEN
you very cute weyh
saw you at the bulan sabit merah hall there
yahh , i went to visit my sister there
sengaja wanna make her hungry
we tease her by many things
she join 30 hours famine program so she didnt eat for 30 hours
CHAI CARMEN came along with her
hee :) we tease her by many things
HAHAHA . chai carmen very cute weyhh
her face is so red
XD . lalala ~
xiao hui !!