Sunday, May 31, 2009


xiao hui just told me that we're going to pangkor island on holidays !
i thought mummy said we'll aint go anywhere because mum and daddy is so busy.gosh.we've been long time tarak pergi kai kai..
happy!OH MY would be the best holiday ever.LOL
today webcam with chiu nie.lotsa of FUN!
her mum pakai spec weyy.yeng !
and chiu nie look so beautiful !LOL.XD

then chatted with siew boon senior.
also LOTSA of fun.XD
guess what.we've a lot of thing to chat.
gossip andything.
ohh so happy can chat with her.
really appreaciate the time we chatted.
honestly,i do really miss her.
i mean at school we definately don't have any chance to meet her.
i can only meet vannesa,chin yin,and pui kuan.*smies
she and foong ee?sighs.
no way.i cant meet her also.
i miss you so much honestly>3
i miss pui kuan.LOTSA !XD
okayy!no telling people!
thanks siew boon appreaciate those talk.


webcam with che yan.
seriously fun !XD
we make those stupid pose.
see who's eating.and whatever.
fun fun fun !
thought wanna webcam with hoiyee.
too bad.she say's she don't have webcam.

i hate those rumours

i wonder why everyone think like that.FUCK la.
yesterday my BFF called me and chat with me kinda like 1 hour.
so,she adore and admire a girl.
she only watch her walk her and dont dare to ask for handphone number.
i tell her just go and take her number.
guess what !
i say i help youu ask for her num.
and she say don't never help her ask.
i say why?

she:because you're cute and i scard she admire you.
me:NO WAY! think i'm that kind of girl?
me:i can't believe that.i'm not that kind of girl who slut.
she:i don't know.all my friend say you cute and don't help me ask for her num. poached my heart.
she:i'm sorry
me:no did poached my heart.
she:sorry babe.
she:BUT !i won't trust them.
me:your voice had tell me you lie to me.
she:don't like that la.
me:have no mood.see yarh at school.bye
she:weyy ar.mou gam la.
me:youu make me cry again.
she:later i call you la.i think you need time to calm down.

the conver end******
honestly i can't believe that.really shock me!
i'm not perasan or what.please do not believe rumuors.
i'm sad honestly.
i can't believe she say that to me.
i lost my trust on her.
please don't ever say that to me again.

she called me again.

she:still cry?
shee:no more cries kay?
me:as you wish
she:do forgive me?

and i say to her.
next time don't tell me this kind of thing.
it hurts me !
people !i'm not a slut,ho,bitch or whatever.
please no rumours for me again !

P/S:no rumours please:(

Saturday, May 30, 2009

duhh,i'm tired

woke up kinda like 12 something.
were so freaking tired.
feel still wanna sleep.GOSH.
went down and eat my lunch+breakfast.XD
then,watch tv.daddy call me to take a chair because he wanna to polish his
beautiful+yeang+cool car.*finger crossed
so,i took for him.
i saw my dad was so sweatty and i say

me:daddy,wanna me help?
dad:yeah.youu polish infront and i polish behind.
me:don't want.i polish all the part of the rest la.
dad:aiyarr,no need polish infront la.
dad:go take towel for me.i'm so sweaty,my behind is so wet.
me:okay*walk away

after i take the towel i take to daddy.

me:nahh.*help my daddy to wipe his sweat.
dad:uhmm,faster la.
dad:you polish infront ar !
me:yea yea

while is just praising his car.blah blah blah~
so funny la my dad !XD
then after polishing,honestly,i'm so freaking tired.
so,daddy call me to go in back.
me mai okay !

then mummy came back.
me:miii !
me:hahaha.our car nice hor?i got polish gar.*hug my mum
mum:yalah yalah.
dad:really tired la.ur daughter got help gar.
mum:gam guai?go clean up the mess on ur table.
me:mii !very hot leh.i help you take bag.*change the topik.

fuhh~if i din't change topik for sure mum call me clean the mess at my table.hehehe^^

then at night xiao hui let's go to kai kai.
dahh,1 months until now tarak pigi mana mana.mii !pergi la.
mum:very lazy la.
dad:faster la

HAHAHA.then reach jusco we went to food&tea restaurant
saw kenji,jessamine and another girl i tak tahu.
so,my sister chat with them for a while and i smile at them lor.
then we went to our table.
eat eat eat then thought wanna watch movie but 18++ only can see.fuck !
whatever,went back home.
what a great day has pass.LOL

Friday, May 29, 2009


Starting time:1255
Name:Joanne Wooi
Sisters:YEAH!4 sisters !included me.5
Height:165 something.
Where do you live: ipoh
Favourite drink:coke
Favourite breakfast:mom cooking


Fallen asleep in school: yeah,obviously.funn weyy
Broken someone's heart:yeahh,i'm sorry darl.
Fell off your chair: yeah,when i'm speaks on phone.
Sat by all night waiting someone to call:i won't that stupid
What is you room like:BIG BIG ROOM!!
What's right beside you:lyrisc,my mobile and biscut.
What's the last thing you ate:chicken rice.
Ever had chicken pox:yeah,when i'm 5
Sore throat:now?don't have wor.
Broken nose:eww !NO WAYY
Do you believe in love at first sight:yeah.i think is great !
Like picnics:nopee
Who was the last person you dances with:mummy
Last made you smile:xiao hui
You last yelled at:joo leang
Talk to someone you like:nope
Kissed anyone: nope
Get sick:nope
Talk to an ex?:nope
Miss someone?:YES !
Do you sleep with stuffed animals:YEAH!they are my husband.
What's under you bed:my things
Who do you really hate:nag me
Is there a person on your mind right now:yeah
Do you have siblings: yeah
Do you want children: maybe?i would like to.depends la
Do you smile often:yeah,my fav la
Do you like your handwriting:nope maybe yea
Are your toenails painted:ahh, color somemore.*smiles
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in:mummy's bed
What color shirt are you wearing now:red white
What were you doing at 7 pm yesterday:in the car.dream her.
I can't wait to: have a big vocation
When did you cry last?:last weeks.
Are you a friendly person:sorta
Do you have any pets:yeah,rabbit.
Where is the person you have feelings for right now?:nope
Did the last person who held your hand mean anything to you:nope
Do you sleep with the TV on:yeah
What are you doing now: tagging?LOL
Can you handle the truth: yeah
Are you closer to mother or father:mother
how many people can you say that you really loved:LARGEE!!!!
Do you eat healthily:NOPE
Have you ever cried about something someone said to you:yeah
How often do you go to church: i'm buddhist. a mi tah bha.
If you're having a bad day, who are you likely go to:shooping!!!
Are you loud or quiet most of the time:loud.
Are you confident:yeah

*angel koo
*xiao hui
*joo leang

holidays coming GUYS !XD

goddamn it.
holidays coming.
no plan,no out station,no gift,no souvenirs.
so,people don't ask me for with souvenirs or whatever.
i'm so gonna fucking miss my rubbish friends.
they make me laugh
they make me feel comfortable.
they make feel that life is meaning without them.
they share their happyness.
they share their sadness.
they share their excitedness.
honestly,i cant live without them.
i cant listed out how many my RUBBISH FRIENDS.
but,sometimes they make me hate them.==
yeah,this is how friends are.
maybe i'm too immature or anything.
and yeah GOOD NEWS.
i started to likee my school.
is not that bad*yawn
actuaaly miss thang is just go on her duty.
but i hate her when she makes people makes feel she's an single lady.LOL

back-to-the-sub-topik !
i just will miss them.
i'll miss my form 3 senior but of course no MISS THANG!i would suicide man!
i ill miss my classmate,schoolmate and many friends.
and penny !she's too cute for me !
goddamn it !if have chance i want to pinch her lil cutteee face.
come'on penny !LOL
i will miss siew boon and her friends although we're not so close.
and i'll miss pui kuan too.
i'll miss form 6 seniors.
i'll miss all teacher that taught me many things.*sighs
holidays just 2 weeks buddy !
and i wrote like the whole year like i'm going UK OR USA.or indonesia?
duhh,no way please.

and my sister gonna back from sabah.
1 more weeks she'll be back !
at last !*slaping my self.
godd.i'm so freaking happy !
no doubt.i so miss her.
at last i knew what feeling is missing my sister.
she used to call us and ask who miss her.
such an idiot.


i'll never thought you'll treat
this bad.i'm waiting for you.
whoever curses me,it's youu
P/S:we love you !XD.

tagged by che yan

1. Besides your lips, which is the favourite spot to get kissed?
2. How did you feel when you wake up this morning?
3. Who was the last person/people you took a photo with?
4. Would you consider yourself spoiled?
duh.obviously no
5. Will you ever donate blood?
6. Have you ever had a best friend who is the opposite sex?
7. Do you want someone to be dead?
NO !XD.i won't that bad la.
8. What does your last text message say? youu.*i guess
9. What are you thinking right now?
what is my favourite song.
10. Do you want someone to be with you right now?
11. What was the time you went to bed last night?
3.30 a.m.
12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?
13. Is someone on your mind right now?
yes !
14.who was the last person who text you?
an unknown girl

Ten Lucky Person to do this quiz:
hoi yee
2. elvis
4. cheyan
7. tsu ping
9.xiao hui
15. Who is No. 2 having relationship with?
i dont know.
16. Is No.3 a male or female?
17. If No.7 and No. 1 get together, would it be good?
god.NO!they are female
18. What is No. 1 studying about?
19. When was the last time you chatted with them?
forgot deee.
20. Is No. 4 single?
21. Say something about No. 2?
she's my babe.
22. What do you think about No. 3 and No. 6 being together?
HAHAHA.i wonder.that's could be funny
23. Describe No. 9
my sister.korean drama fans
24. What will you do if No. 6 and No. 7 fight?
i don't know.leave they alone.and let them argue
25. Do you like No. 8?


honestly,i wanna cyt off my hair.
whatever style.
short,highlight?,boy cut?
figuring it out.
i wanna cut hair.
my hair is so disaster.
i wanna try new hair style.
i'm lazy to tie up my hair when i go to school.
i would take 30 minute to tie up !XD.*banging the keyboard*
all my friend already plan to cut the same hair cut included my form 3 senior.
shima,angie chan,farah,sheau ching,nabilah,aiyar,many people la.
but me?NO NO.
such a bad.
i wanna cut new hair!!
mum said it dugusting if i cut my hair to short because my face aint suitable for short hair.*yawn.
xiao hui already cut her hair to short.honestly,it's nice.
please mummy let me cut my hair =(


i went early to school that day.
so,i call my friend to lepak at canteen.
as usual buy water and keropok.
the time i want to sit on the chair my form 3 senior aka my god sis call me.
they live in hostel means asrama.
they ask me whether i got saw a large amount of money or not at library>
i say no.

she:weyy,got saw money at library.*they speak in malay.
her friend was so many and surrounding me because i went to library yesterday because ada class there,so,they were like investigate me,GOSH.

she:say properly or not i bring you to principal.
me:huhh?don't ugut me!i din't not found it.
she:okay okay.but you were there.
me:i knew la.but,i din't stole it?
she:you was sitting alone right?
she:i saw ur those non-malay it class moral that time?
she:do you know them?
she:tell me youu saw the stealing things.
me:NO !

then her friends push me and say SAY PROPERLYY!!!
i was like?wth.the i scold them.
don't push me!is none of my bussiness!
*walk away

then my senior came and pujuk me and tell me not to angry.
then,i jeling at her.
wtf.her rude attitude la !

me:guys !i wanna privacy talk to her.don't come here!
her friends:OKAYY!*Walk away

she:yeahh.i want their name.
me:later i give you la.
me:better call ur friends to say sorry to me or not mati you all.
she:okayy!!*Call her friend to come.
her friend:sorry

after she finish her class,i go cari them lor.
then she says:watch out.
me:whatever la.better thanks me.
she:thank youu.*pinch my face

then bla bla bla.
is complicated huhh.
i knew i'm rude la.
but,depends on which situation.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

it late night

i'm so addicted to (under the canopy of love) this movie.
nicee and romancee.
although the lead mistress is not so prettayy.
hmm,i get my result.
bad bad and bad.
i'm sure i'll get fail sejarah*history.
i read,i remember,i study the whole night.and my other class friends told me that i'm gonna fail my sejarah because they saw teacher marks my paper and wrote I'M FAILL!!!*sighs.
i won't get good result this year obviously.
and my BM.
teacher says there's no one fail.*actually teacher has not done marking it.
and the teacher's say our languanges is bad to worst to terriible to disaster to horrible and to incompllete.
i admit i do poor in BM and please la teacher don't make any jokes of this !

tommorrow i'll not attend school*laugh-out-loud
teacher din't go in
and left us alone in the class and NO homework.
just have sejarah folio,PJ folio.and i forgot dee.
spend the whole day playing truth or dare.
actually is quite funny and challenges.
they dare us to kiss her,whatever la.
and i choose dare because if i choose truth they will ask stupid question.
i rather choose DARE.XD
so,they want me to drink the whole bottle of water in one minute.*OMFG.
gila babi weyy.they forced me.NO FAIR!!!
at last,i really did it.*HAHAHA.
i drinkkkk,then sudddenly my friend laugh and i spit it out those water and kena my friend face.*LAUGH MY ASS OUT*
really funny weyy.

it's 2.00.and i din't sleep yet.
honestly,i'm boring.
mum gonna nag soon if i din't sleep.
so,guys hope i won'r get nag by mum.

ahh,before i forget.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

you're my everything

The loneliness of nights alone
the search for strength to carry on my every hope has seemed to die.
my eyes had no more tears to cry.
then like the sun shining up above you surrounded me with your endless love
because all the things I couldn’t see are now so clear to me
You are my everything

Nothing your love won’t bring
My life is yours alone
The only love I’ve ever known
Your spirit pulls me through
When nothing else will do
Every night I pray On bended knee
That you will always be My everything
Now all my hopes and all my dreams suddenly reality

you’ve opened up my heart to feel kind of love that’s truly reallyguiding light that’ll never fade
there’s not a thing in life that I would ever trade for the love you give it won’t let go
I hope you’ll always know
You’re the breath of life in me the only one that sets me free and you have made my soul complete for all time (for all time)
You are my everything (you are my everything)

Nothing your love won’t bring (nothing your love won’t bring)
My life is yours alone (alone)
The only love I’ve ever known
Your spirit pulls me through (your spirit pulls me through)
When nothing else will do (when nothing else will do)
Every night I pray (I pray)On bended knee (on my knee)
That you will always be my everything

it's youu.don't regret

It’s you.
It’s you.It’s you.It’s only you.It’s you.It’s you
I don’t need anyone else, it’s only you

When you ask again, it’s only you
Even if you already have another loveI can’t forget you.
I can’t turn back around.The moment my eyes began to burn.
The moment my heart was captured by you.
I have no regret, I choose you.That’s’s you
whatever anyone anyone says, it doesn’t matter to me
whoever whoever curses me.
I’ll only look at you.
Even when I’m born again, it’s still only you.Even as time goes by
when you tell me you love me.When you tell me thousands and millions of times.

Even when my heart sets on fire, my dry lips wear out.
Even when I’m born again, it’s still only youu.
ticc-toocc. Even as time goes by
only for you.only for youu.only for you.only for you.only for you.only for youonly for you
It’s you.

I don’t need any words. it’s just you.
It’s too late.
but for me it’s just youu.
i know our love is wrong I can’t give up, I can’t let you go.
My lips, cold as can be, are even more blue.I cry out to find to find your warmth.I called youu, even though I call for you.

And there’s no reply, I’ll wait for you
whatever anyone anyone says, it doesn’t matter to me.

whoever whoever curses me, I’ll only look at you.
Even when I’m born again, it’s still only you.tic-tocc Even as time goes by
when you tell me you love me.

When you tell me thousands and millions of times.
Even when my heart sets on fire, my dry lips wear out
Even when I’m born again, it’s still only you.ticc toccEven as time goes by
only for you,only for you, only for you,only for you,only for you,only for you,only for you.
For me, it’s you, it’s you.
Why don’t you know, why don’t you know?For me, it’s you, it’s you
whatever anyone anyone says, it doesn’t matter to me.

whoever whoever curses me, I’ll only look at you.
Even when I’m born again, it’s still only you.ticc tocc,Even as time goes by
when you tell me you love me.

When you tell me thousands and millions of times.
Even when my heart sets on fire, my dry lips wear out.
Even when I’m born again, it’s still only youu.ticc-tocc,Even as time goes by
it's youu.the only youu.whoever curses me or whatever,i still choose youu.
It’s you

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ohh la la la~

so addicted with facebook games.
there's fun!

ohh la la la~


i'm so damn happy.
and yeah there's many people get caught that being cheat in exam.pittyy.
so yeah at teacher's day our beloved miss thang*please la*get the best teacher disipline.HMM.figuring why those idiot will vote for her.maybe she's too fierce.HAHAHA.
and i call siew boon senior to pass my regards to pui kuan.guess what.she scream.gosh.thankxx anyway.
i've nothing to post.ahh~i figure it out.

okayy slut.
if youu hate me,directly tell me youu bitch!
the one i talk please la think about this.
think before youu talk.
don't just talk whatever youu like.
care for people feeling then people will for yours.
whatever!go and fuck up with your bf or whatever.
dont annoy me again.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

honestly,i love that

my MSN connection died and sucks.
ohh yeah.
so i open my msn and i approve those who add my MSN.
and there's a guy who is a NONO for me.
he link me and chat with me.
first i thought he's those who are HAMSAP or LIER.
but,guess what.he's not.he's just wanna to be friends with me.*smile
and he not those buy that straight foward ask phone number or what.
he ask me those basic question.and say to me that he's not that kind of dirty boys or what.he just wanna be friends with me..
okayy,people i will be friends with him.
and he do really say jokes.
hope you're not that kind of lier.thanks.
he say a lot of things.
he din't ask those idiot question.
i would like to know more about him.
anyway nice to meet youu.=)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

post deleted.

i deleted all my post.
immature and annoying.
honestly,that's really unbelieveble post.drama,immature,and bla bla bla.
so,i deleted all post and just left only one.
okayy,first i wanna say SORRY to *forgot dee.personal reason.
and wanna apoligiez for SO LONG din't update blog.*yawn.the same words.
okayy,there's a thing i cant forget is my mum fetch me to school then kinda like 45 minutes my mum came back to my school and sais my grandmum is in emergency (ICU) this is what they call.
and i almost crying.

*although my grandmum cant talk cantonese,chinese nor english.but i still love her.
*although me and her is just 1 days relatives.but,i still love her.actually is 14 years.between me and her
*although she speaks,talks,whatever it takes is different but i still love her.
*although sometimes she makes me hate her but i still love her.

okayy,i knew it a bit too late to say those thing because at least i knew how to love my grandmum and how to cry if my relatives are in danger.
so that day is really just disaster.rush back to home to get ready and have to bath in two minutes or whatever just to bck penang to visit my grandmum.
my dad is obviously is so nervous and do my mum.
AFTER reach penang,my grandmum cant recognise her daughter and son.
even my aunt told us that grandmum memory nerves is not takes maybe a long time to makes the nerves to get back.

it kinda aunt cry,cry and's sad to see own relatives cry huh?
i aint crying because i'm not that emotional.*slaps myself.
my dad keep asking she do youu know am i?
do youu know who am i?
keep on repeat the same time.
the answer (hmmm.ooooo)
the dad is so dissapointed and speechless.
BUT,she recognise my mum!what a GOOD!
they claps their hands after my grandmum said.

she:ahhhh.ahh sim ar.*this is what she call my mum.*name.
mum:laughing*yeah yeah.

and all people who's there claps their hands.
but when my dad came answer and zero recognisation.grandmum recover soon.
everyone's waiting youu to recover.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sayang,dear,lil darlinks.
i mean happy belated birthday.
sorry,we did not celebrate with youu.
replace ur birthday presents!
JOANNE WOOI hope youu become more preetier!
and yea keep our secrets!
happy birthday!happy birthday!happy birthday!
i love you to the max.and yea love me to the max also.