Monday, August 10, 2009

first period .

damn it .
have to float class again .
it suffer alot when youu need to go other class but not ourself class .
doing my homework at library . its crowded of HUMANS .
btw , i saw her in the library.

second period

nothing to do .
sitting in OUR real classroom .
loitering around .
teacher didnt enter the class *YAYYY
after that teacher enter with our test paper . whoots !
erghh , fyi , that's BI period .

third period

sejarah time
a new teacher enters
she introducing herself with all funny languages
she makes us laughs damn lot
btw , that teacher is so damn cutee . >3

recess time

didnt ate .
drink a cup of oren and yeah went to toilet .
after that went to dutyy
saw her again
pretend to be blind
she laso pretend to be blind .
i was like WTF ?
but , kenalah her

fourth period

BM times
boring dou BOOOM
the teacher always talk to herself
and bla bla bla
[see .. it means im lazy to type ]

fifth period

its agama time
those malays went to their room
and non-malays doing nothing and sit at the damn dataran
saw those malays girls playing hockeyy
yeah , i hate it when they scream like an mental person

seven period

doing nothing and yeah loitering around the school
ohh yeah , i wonder what time she's going back ?
btw , i hate her when she's doing something with playful attitude :(
hmm , skipped it
yeah , the bell rangs
went to canteen and take [teh'o ais ]
without makcik permission
and yeah its free . hahaha
bad girl . LOL . *gaps

labels : youu never look behind