Sunday, September 27, 2009


it getting near that school gonna reopen soon .
i mean tomorrow . yea , its TOMORROW .
i've no idea that time is past so fast .
tik-tok , tik-tok
sighs . im gonna suffer in my school again . its again ):
yeah , i hate my school . wth
whatever . mum's bought me a new baju kurung shirt .
no skirt . i was like wtf ??
i went to kandar with mummy (:
and their services are like fuck .
yeah , screw them .
they are bitches and somekind of like they puasa-ing
(scoffs) they are a asshole . i bet .
now days . problems keep coming and coming towards me .

inhale* exhale * inhale* exhale *
sighs . i just wanna get out of problem .
i really want ):

labels : JOANNE says you annoyed her

Thursday, September 24, 2009

here i come again

here i post again
nothing much to post
my ears gonna breaks down soon ,
mum nags like hell
seriously i dont like when she nag infront of many people
frankly , i feel like wanna throw all the stuff but whatever .
she's my mum .
nothing much to say .
imy yea again .
emo AGAIN .
i gotta stop this emo addictionand whatever .
gonna post maybe soon .

getting much much better after advises from someone .
see , i've view many people blog
drama , romance , love . even alone
i dont really cares
i think i need eye mo now .

and i meet back my old friends .
its wee lian !
i didnt thought that he still remember me .
HAHAHA . i cant even recognise him when i added him at fb .
lol . XD

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


random post again ,
i've nothing to do yet stay at home watch movie , online . blah blah blah
somehow someone really cheer me up !
thats you tim . thanks (:
he's a really great guy that i've never meet before . XD
i guess we meet up at tuition right ??
yeap (: i guess
that time you talked to me first .
then , we slowly become friend and now bff !
HAHAHA . fyi , he's kinda famous in my school for saying he's handsome .
duh , dont be perasaan tim .
whatever it takes . i love everyone's !
ohh yeah , im kinda frustated right now .
for no reason . everyone being cool with my friends for saying them bitch ?
okayy , this would makes my anger really hot .
eventhough im not really close with them but it makes me hot .
they didnt even thinks their feeling .
they need sympathy ? i dont think so , but for the other side we thinks you need sympathy right ?
* no offense
sighs . they even push them to toilet and argued .
maybe i shouldnt get in this matter
but whatever it takes back off bitch .
thats all .


im sorry ):
imy tim

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


thats my phone .
im loving it !

Monday, September 21, 2009

back to blogging

i'm back to blogging after my nightmare .
i wanna hang out seriously .
just talked with tsuping just now .
i think what she just said is right . and she's so fcuking bitch .
i don't really care what other said about her yet i saw it with my pairs of eyes \.
and its reals . it really does exsists .
sometimes i don't really care if you said gossip about my friends .
at the same time yeah you really freaks me out .
you've changed a lot .
the way you talk , typing , chatting msn with me is definately changed .
you're not the old my bff . you're a backstabbers .
sometimes tim is right . maybe i'll just ignore you and say bon voyage to you .
you don't deserve me to say iloveyou .
and yet you dissapointed me . right ?
i've cried infront of tim . what other i can say ? just say bullshit to you .
and its not important for me whether you're right or wrong .
its depends on you not people .
i just wanna say that you've changed and i really hates you here .
im sorry and wanna to say iloveyou .
i knew you'll read my blog but im really sorry but to say ihatesyou .
im sorry and i hates you .
i guess the correct ending right ?
im desperate for friends right now .
and i need choong joi tim right now !
faster on msn la . i need you right now !
sometimes i love you and sometimes you make me cry .
i really dont know what to say . sighs
maybe i'll just keep my mouth shut and zip it off .

random post .

a random post can meant everything right ?
daddy bought me a new cells .
i dont know whats it call .
but im surely will like it .
its flip and black .
iloveit . thanks daddy . (:


shut the f*ck up and wipe your fcuking tears
and stop begging me .

Friday, September 18, 2009


BIRTHDAY GIRL (: sarah tml (:
wishing you a happy birthday to you .
love you lotsa (:
stay cute and we're bff right ?
my childhood friends WONG WEI YEH !my jie jie (:

wishing you a happy birthday .

stay yeng !

kenji (:

wishing you happy birthday (:

stay yeng and cute (:

sorry for the late wishes (:

HAHAHA . btw , take care !

okay , i've wishes many friends .XD

Thursday, September 17, 2009

pissed off

im really fcuking pissed off .
i use mother laptop to online .
and the screen is small like an ant .
i cant even see it clear those words .
keyboard are small . sometimes will type wrongly .
and yeap dont blame for tying wrong ,
i was like wtf . this laptop make me wanna bang the whole world .
i've lost my patient to this laptop .
and also the wireless . ish
make me fcuking fed up asshole ,
see , i taklk foul words right now .
god please forgive me .

today really funny at school .

me and the whole class act as studdent and teacher .
so , as usual of course im the one who be the teacher .
i make them laugh seriously .
i walk in to the class with a pondan gay ass style .

me : okayy class , open page 73
the whole class laugh like hell

me : no laughing allowed okay !

they laugh again

girl 1 : teacher , may io go to toilet ? with a funny face*
me : NO NO NO . go sit down !

they laugh again .
i've no idea whyy they laugh lije they didnt laugh before .
makes me wanna laugh weyy .
then stops . teacher came to class .

li ching : bangun ! * a friend of mine

everybody bangun . then everyone look at me then started to laugh .
huh ? weird right ? then teacher ask whyy . gorl 1 told teacher everything and i get scolded .
ish . somehow with a funny xpression of course . HAHAHA .

okayy , i wanna say something very serious here .
i've a friends .it is a (was)
she's a bitch man !
i cant really believe that she's that kind of person .
after someone told me that she do something in .*whatever
i really want the old her . she changed a lot . it a lot .
i really very dissapointed with her .
im sorry to say that i want back my old friend ):

P/S: happy birthday kenji . amelia lim .
wish you have a great life . !

Monday, September 14, 2009


I think you're pathetic.
The way you handle things .The things you say that comes out wrong .
The way you're acting, putting up a front.
Thinkin you're so dope by being harsh.
Thinkin the definition of bitchy is by being rude.
you got it all wrong.
You're nothing but a joke.A really bad joke, its woeful.
I'm feeling rather horrid at the moment.
I dont get why people must kick you when you're already feeling down.Why cant they understand you and not you to do things you dont feel like doing.
You conclude that i dont care. but i do.
And if i dont show it crystal clear, pardon me.I tell my contentment. I share my despair.
Partially.You might think that you know everything about me.But what i feel deep inside is far beyond anyone's assumption.
I'm so tensed up right now, it shows. I despise finals.With so many things happening, i wish i could just go home and forget it all.
why must everything be so complicated.why cant there be downright pure cheating. no lust for any yearning for another's craving for another's kiss.

why cant break up just happen mutually.why must it always end up messy.why must people linger onto their past.why cant people make up their minds?its always easier said than done.i wish i can make my mind up. so , waits for me . i dont make the deal .

bon voyage):

Sunday, September 13, 2009


me and kcy khoo che yan had gave birth to 2 kittens and 2 puppies
havent think of name !
will think of name shortly !
and you as mother me is daddy !
i've to work to feed you guys !
so , feed them milk okayy ?
dont gave them ciplak milk ar ! or not i divorce you !
imiss those time (:
do you kcy ?
i think they will grow up shortly and dont kacau my babies !
XD . i love my kcy !
im obsessed with kcy and voon tsu ping <33
i love you guys !
bon voyage (:

aku punya(:

im so damn starving .
i didnt eat dinner for the whole week .*applause
HAHAHA . seriously , im gonna diet diet diet .
uhh , shit , i 've many folios to do .
geografi and seni .
OH MY GOD . i'll pay her/him 50 bucks to complete my folios.
who would done it ? XD
today having meeting with joeger , jone gen , xiao hui , chan loon,
hui yi , huey wen and more .
one words to describe FUN !
hahahaha . really fun lor .
no idea whyy am i such excited ??
*screw me
aku really amat obsessed dengan kcy khoo che yan <33>
voon tsu ping <33
when you're mad , you really cute .
and kcy yalah i knew its not fair
but i think its fair !
hang out and compare ! XD
i love my babes(:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

aku mahu ini semua !


iphone that suits me . i hope so !

i wish that it could be mine and its forever .

im craving for this .
im gonna own it all !
but , of course by my own money i bought .
wait for me !
btw,i watched final D 4 by my own .
it doesnt scary at all .
one time die two person .
really ridiculous la .
btw , nice movie
but , i know it will have final D 5


see , i've changed my layouts .
im not very satisfied with my last last layouts .
zero satisfied ! so i decided to change it .
btw , is it okayy ?
*gaps . i've using many time to settle this down .
yeap(: at least i've done this right guys ?
my link lost and i've find them back .
at least im kindhearted right dude ? * no offense
hahahaha . and hor ! i losted my chatbox too !
wtf ? i've make a new account for my chatbox because i forgot
what my chatbow account password . really makes me wanna bang everything !
* banging the table !
okayy ! you see , i damn pissed of last friday !
because of someone of course .
teacher had changed my place with a someone that i dislike so much !
and for some reason she also dislike me because i get to say im a talkative !
and i talk non-stop since everyone say that im a cheerful people and i makes people laugh .
okayy , this girl started to make me annoy with her .
she started to take my pen and pencil makes me less stationary .
and then took my book and pass up to teacher without my permission . because she didnt bring book and she took my book and pretended that she bring her book !
but at last i get scolded from teacher ! wtf ?
i was like WTF ?
then i changed place and sit with my bff .
and she started alone and always turn her head around and ask me stupid question .
i really cant stand of it man ! XD
please get me out of you .

once one day she asked me this

she : ei , you got father bo ?
me : har ? of course got la !
she : mother leh ?
me : can you please stop asking nonsense question . really la ! stop la !

then she started to cry ! OMG !
please , makes me be patient with her .
p/s:im selected(:

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


i've been thinking whyy must i get an approvement from others?
besides you,whyy are you think negatively ?
i really no idea whyy.sighs
maybe its just my illusion.
im clumsy all the time.yet,im blur
i needa guide so i can sleep well.
i havent finish my time im still onlining for you !
whyy cant you just drop all your things and be my listener ?
i've asked many people and its obvious !
even i saw it with my pairs of eyes .
really regreting that i'll be your friend.
i never thought what can i do until this stage ?
and i just wanna say that imy again <33
i hope you really realise who are you and what are you .
bon voyage):