Thursday, August 27, 2009


went to library with xiao hui and Chai carmen .
yea,chai carmen was late !!
saw yen wen and her friends .
say hi to her.
maybe that called manners !
then cam-whore
fcuk ! my cable cant use dee.
what the fcuk .
btw,keep texting with lily so yah my phone ran out of credits
im sorry tsu ping cant reply your text ! ):
btw,we do cam-whore
took some pictures with chai carmen
will updated soon as i get back fixed my cable .
i miss lily >33
sei po !
btw,i thought im gonna meet up tsu ping at parade .
but , at last yea cannot because we have to go library
really ):
i miss my darlings seriously

elvis >33 ( yea,i do miss you and i meant it )
hoi yee >3(we've planned to hang out !)
cheyan >3(my babyy !)
sayang tim !!
baby yun !
more and more and more !!
ergh,i wish they just cant stood up infront of me in a sudden the i'll be happy !