Monday, August 31, 2009


my cell is totally not working :(
and im fcuking hate it .
and daddy said wanna buy me a new cells !!
XD . i wonder which will be mine ? :)
have some fun conversations with my mum .

watching movies

mum : if we have swimming pool jau good hor ?
me : yaloh . but wont have ge la
mum : if marr !!! if got hor BWUAHAHA . i can swim all the time !!
me : HAHAHA . i wish too ! then we pakai bikini !!!
mum : then put lotion !!!! then i can excersis my hand
me : dont dreaming la mum .
mum : ish . hope jer mar !!!

then while mum watching movie with fokus i go kacau her

me : you look like a baby
mum : winks*
me : dont perasan
mum : ish . kanasai . dont kacau me mum is freaking funny !!! HAHAHA
went to yeolde english just now
to eat !!!!
whoa ! that drinks is so large !!!
just imagine it !! XD
then went to billion to buy coffee
after that off to home !
yea,gonna reopen school tomorrow !!!
hate it !!
yea,i havent wash my shoes !!!
*swing my hips and giggle !