Friday, August 14, 2009


yeah , seriously i hate youu
youu can backstabbs me in onther wayy
whatever ways you can
but , yeah youu backstabbs me infront of my friends .
TOO BAD . my friends tell me evrything
you're useless
your face make me wanna puke on it
your dress is like beggar wears it
and yeah your face is like full of pimples
is like ten thousand times you didnt wash ur face
u're imperfect and u're useless
noneless , ur world black and yeah youu are pathetic
you're paranoid and you have some anemia mental cases
yeah , i guess you know whom im talking
wash ur faces
and dont act infront of me you SLUT
go and act infront of ur ARSEHOLE friends
dont make urself line a RUBBISH
and dont make people HATE you
you ugly slut
have a shit life bitch .
yeah , this is for youu
labels : you're such a pathetic slut