Monday, August 24, 2009


yah , stop nagging around us
your voice make us wanna puke n it
yea , you're biggest
bla bla bla
yea , get lost
you didnt get any respect from us seriously
having an anger ?
come'on . i guess you dont have the guts . yea , you dont have
it seems so obvious to see
call cops . duh , come'on see cops will take you to jail or us ?
yea yea yea , you're an old damn lady
so , you need respect ?
duh , respect us before you respect us
thats our infinty
so , you're not the trinity
so , get lost
how dulan is your life ?
wanna get more information ?
stay this world get over your work
resign and have an arsehole partner .
your dulan life make us happy !