Sunday, August 16, 2009

daddy woke us up early in the morning .
damn it . went to eat our breakfast .
and then went to buy watch for me , joo theng and mum
daddy pay for it . * smiles
went back home
daddy wanna fetch joo leang to NILAI college back .
around 1 something daddy start his car .

around 4 something go to stadium
i mean near stadium to fetch my sister
because she have her 30 hours femine program
went back home , bath and then me and joo ying went to J.J
to eat our dinner

after eat , saw pui kuan there
smile to her , * blushing
then , went to loitering around J.J
loitering around again around ipoh
then went back home to online
heee :)

i miss my old schoolmate
cheyan :)
steph wang . my one year friend * thats what she wrote at her blog
someone really important for me
and elvis >3

missy miss them alot
hope to see them ASAP
err , daddy said he's too tired so he didnt come back to ipoh
wtf . tomorrow daddy until come back to ipoh
a bit uncomfortable without mum and dad nagging
mum nag a lots ! XD