Saturday, August 8, 2009

pictures of them . arent they cute ?
admiring them *

have change my background .
i think this one is more better right ?
no offense *
ohh yeahh , i have find all my friends link and link them again.
damn it .
because of i change my background and it my friends blog link had gone . i was like wth .
fyi , it takes me AGES to settle things down . fuhh
i miss my friends a lot in a sudden .
ve no idea whyy .
sitting alone in the room thinking no one .
my brain and hearts are blank YET im still wondering what am i thinking right now . despite being alone in the room and yeah there's no one beside me .
chatted with kevin lye todaayy .
he nudge me first .
hmm , he seems very good in his life .
i wonder what happen to him ,
sighs . whatever .

P/S:i miss youu like hell .
i love youu .
can youu be mine ?
your smiles can heal my everything .