Saturday, May 30, 2009

duhh,i'm tired

woke up kinda like 12 something.
were so freaking tired.
feel still wanna sleep.GOSH.
went down and eat my lunch+breakfast.XD
then,watch tv.daddy call me to take a chair because he wanna to polish his
beautiful+yeang+cool car.*finger crossed
so,i took for him.
i saw my dad was so sweatty and i say

me:daddy,wanna me help?
dad:yeah.youu polish infront and i polish behind.
me:don't want.i polish all the part of the rest la.
dad:aiyarr,no need polish infront la.
dad:go take towel for me.i'm so sweaty,my behind is so wet.
me:okay*walk away

after i take the towel i take to daddy.

me:nahh.*help my daddy to wipe his sweat.
dad:uhmm,faster la.
dad:you polish infront ar !
me:yea yea

while is just praising his car.blah blah blah~
so funny la my dad !XD
then after polishing,honestly,i'm so freaking tired.
so,daddy call me to go in back.
me mai okay !

then mummy came back.
me:miii !
me:hahaha.our car nice hor?i got polish gar.*hug my mum
mum:yalah yalah.
dad:really tired la.ur daughter got help gar.
mum:gam guai?go clean up the mess on ur table.
me:mii !very hot leh.i help you take bag.*change the topik.

fuhh~if i din't change topik for sure mum call me clean the mess at my table.hehehe^^

then at night xiao hui let's go to kai kai.
dahh,1 months until now tarak pigi mana mana.mii !pergi la.
mum:very lazy la.
dad:faster la

HAHAHA.then reach jusco we went to food&tea restaurant
saw kenji,jessamine and another girl i tak tahu.
so,my sister chat with them for a while and i smile at them lor.
then we went to our table.
eat eat eat then thought wanna watch movie but 18++ only can see.fuck !
whatever,went back home.
what a great day has pass.LOL