Friday, May 29, 2009


honestly,i wanna cyt off my hair.
whatever style.
short,highlight?,boy cut?
figuring it out.
i wanna cut hair.
my hair is so disaster.
i wanna try new hair style.
i'm lazy to tie up my hair when i go to school.
i would take 30 minute to tie up !XD.*banging the keyboard*
all my friend already plan to cut the same hair cut included my form 3 senior.
shima,angie chan,farah,sheau ching,nabilah,aiyar,many people la.
but me?NO NO.
such a bad.
i wanna cut new hair!!
mum said it dugusting if i cut my hair to short because my face aint suitable for short hair.*yawn.
xiao hui already cut her hair to short.honestly,it's nice.
please mummy let me cut my hair =(


i went early to school that day.
so,i call my friend to lepak at canteen.
as usual buy water and keropok.
the time i want to sit on the chair my form 3 senior aka my god sis call me.
they live in hostel means asrama.
they ask me whether i got saw a large amount of money or not at library>
i say no.

she:weyy,got saw money at library.*they speak in malay.
her friend was so many and surrounding me because i went to library yesterday because ada class there,so,they were like investigate me,GOSH.

she:say properly or not i bring you to principal.
me:huhh?don't ugut me!i din't not found it.
she:okay okay.but you were there.
me:i knew la.but,i din't stole it?
she:you was sitting alone right?
she:i saw ur those non-malay it class moral that time?
she:do you know them?
she:tell me youu saw the stealing things.
me:NO !

then her friends push me and say SAY PROPERLYY!!!
i was like?wth.the i scold them.
don't push me!is none of my bussiness!
*walk away

then my senior came and pujuk me and tell me not to angry.
then,i jeling at her.
wtf.her rude attitude la !

me:guys !i wanna privacy talk to her.don't come here!
her friends:OKAYY!*Walk away

she:yeahh.i want their name.
me:later i give you la.
me:better call ur friends to say sorry to me or not mati you all.
she:okayy!!*Call her friend to come.
her friend:sorry

after she finish her class,i go cari them lor.
then she says:watch out.
me:whatever la.better thanks me.
she:thank youu.*pinch my face

then bla bla bla.
is complicated huhh.
i knew i'm rude la.
but,depends on which situation.