Sunday, May 31, 2009

i hate those rumours

i wonder why everyone think like that.FUCK la.
yesterday my BFF called me and chat with me kinda like 1 hour.
so,she adore and admire a girl.
she only watch her walk her and dont dare to ask for handphone number.
i tell her just go and take her number.
guess what !
i say i help youu ask for her num.
and she say don't never help her ask.
i say why?

she:because you're cute and i scard she admire you.
me:NO WAY! think i'm that kind of girl?
me:i can't believe that.i'm not that kind of girl who slut.
she:i don't know.all my friend say you cute and don't help me ask for her num. poached my heart.
she:i'm sorry
me:no did poached my heart.
she:sorry babe.
she:BUT !i won't trust them.
me:your voice had tell me you lie to me.
she:don't like that la.
me:have no mood.see yarh at school.bye
she:weyy ar.mou gam la.
me:youu make me cry again.
she:later i call you la.i think you need time to calm down.

the conver end******
honestly i can't believe that.really shock me!
i'm not perasan or what.please do not believe rumuors.
i'm sad honestly.
i can't believe she say that to me.
i lost my trust on her.
please don't ever say that to me again.

she called me again.

she:still cry?
shee:no more cries kay?
me:as you wish
she:do forgive me?

and i say to her.
next time don't tell me this kind of thing.
it hurts me !
people !i'm not a slut,ho,bitch or whatever.
please no rumours for me again !

P/S:no rumours please:(