Thursday, May 28, 2009

it late night

i'm so addicted to (under the canopy of love) this movie.
nicee and romancee.
although the lead mistress is not so prettayy.
hmm,i get my result.
bad bad and bad.
i'm sure i'll get fail sejarah*history.
i read,i remember,i study the whole night.and my other class friends told me that i'm gonna fail my sejarah because they saw teacher marks my paper and wrote I'M FAILL!!!*sighs.
i won't get good result this year obviously.
and my BM.
teacher says there's no one fail.*actually teacher has not done marking it.
and the teacher's say our languanges is bad to worst to terriible to disaster to horrible and to incompllete.
i admit i do poor in BM and please la teacher don't make any jokes of this !

tommorrow i'll not attend school*laugh-out-loud
teacher din't go in
and left us alone in the class and NO homework.
just have sejarah folio,PJ folio.and i forgot dee.
spend the whole day playing truth or dare.
actually is quite funny and challenges.
they dare us to kiss her,whatever la.
and i choose dare because if i choose truth they will ask stupid question.
i rather choose DARE.XD
so,they want me to drink the whole bottle of water in one minute.*OMFG.
gila babi weyy.they forced me.NO FAIR!!!
at last,i really did it.*HAHAHA.
i drinkkkk,then sudddenly my friend laugh and i spit it out those water and kena my friend face.*LAUGH MY ASS OUT*
really funny weyy.

it's 2.00.and i din't sleep yet.
honestly,i'm boring.
mum gonna nag soon if i din't sleep.
so,guys hope i won'r get nag by mum.

ahh,before i forget.