Sunday, May 31, 2009


xiao hui just told me that we're going to pangkor island on holidays !
i thought mummy said we'll aint go anywhere because mum and daddy is so busy.gosh.we've been long time tarak pergi kai kai..
happy!OH MY would be the best holiday ever.LOL
today webcam with chiu nie.lotsa of FUN!
her mum pakai spec weyy.yeng !
and chiu nie look so beautiful !LOL.XD

then chatted with siew boon senior.
also LOTSA of fun.XD
guess what.we've a lot of thing to chat.
gossip andything.
ohh so happy can chat with her.
really appreaciate the time we chatted.
honestly,i do really miss her.
i mean at school we definately don't have any chance to meet her.
i can only meet vannesa,chin yin,and pui kuan.*smies
she and foong ee?sighs.
no way.i cant meet her also.
i miss you so much honestly>3
i miss pui kuan.LOTSA !XD
okayy!no telling people!
thanks siew boon appreaciate those talk.