Friday, May 29, 2009

holidays coming GUYS !XD

goddamn it.
holidays coming.
no plan,no out station,no gift,no souvenirs.
so,people don't ask me for with souvenirs or whatever.
i'm so gonna fucking miss my rubbish friends.
they make me laugh
they make me feel comfortable.
they make feel that life is meaning without them.
they share their happyness.
they share their sadness.
they share their excitedness.
honestly,i cant live without them.
i cant listed out how many my RUBBISH FRIENDS.
but,sometimes they make me hate them.==
yeah,this is how friends are.
maybe i'm too immature or anything.
and yeah GOOD NEWS.
i started to likee my school.
is not that bad*yawn
actuaaly miss thang is just go on her duty.
but i hate her when she makes people makes feel she's an single lady.LOL

back-to-the-sub-topik !
i just will miss them.
i'll miss my form 3 senior but of course no MISS THANG!i would suicide man!
i ill miss my classmate,schoolmate and many friends.
and penny !she's too cute for me !
goddamn it !if have chance i want to pinch her lil cutteee face.
come'on penny !LOL
i will miss siew boon and her friends although we're not so close.
and i'll miss pui kuan too.
i'll miss form 6 seniors.
i'll miss all teacher that taught me many things.*sighs
holidays just 2 weeks buddy !
and i wrote like the whole year like i'm going UK OR USA.or indonesia?
duhh,no way please.

and my sister gonna back from sabah.
1 more weeks she'll be back !
at last !*slaping my self.
godd.i'm so freaking happy !
no doubt.i so miss her.
at last i knew what feeling is missing my sister.
she used to call us and ask who miss her.
such an idiot.


i'll never thought you'll treat
this bad.i'm waiting for you.
whoever curses me,it's youu
P/S:we love you !XD.