Friday, May 29, 2009


Starting time:1255
Name:Joanne Wooi
Sisters:YEAH!4 sisters !included me.5
Height:165 something.
Where do you live: ipoh
Favourite drink:coke
Favourite breakfast:mom cooking


Fallen asleep in school: yeah,obviously.funn weyy
Broken someone's heart:yeahh,i'm sorry darl.
Fell off your chair: yeah,when i'm speaks on phone.
Sat by all night waiting someone to call:i won't that stupid
What is you room like:BIG BIG ROOM!!
What's right beside you:lyrisc,my mobile and biscut.
What's the last thing you ate:chicken rice.
Ever had chicken pox:yeah,when i'm 5
Sore throat:now?don't have wor.
Broken nose:eww !NO WAYY
Do you believe in love at first sight:yeah.i think is great !
Like picnics:nopee
Who was the last person you dances with:mummy
Last made you smile:xiao hui
You last yelled at:joo leang
Talk to someone you like:nope
Kissed anyone: nope
Get sick:nope
Talk to an ex?:nope
Miss someone?:YES !
Do you sleep with stuffed animals:YEAH!they are my husband.
What's under you bed:my things
Who do you really hate:nag me
Is there a person on your mind right now:yeah
Do you have siblings: yeah
Do you want children: maybe?i would like to.depends la
Do you smile often:yeah,my fav la
Do you like your handwriting:nope maybe yea
Are your toenails painted:ahh, color somemore.*smiles
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in:mummy's bed
What color shirt are you wearing now:red white
What were you doing at 7 pm yesterday:in the car.dream her.
I can't wait to: have a big vocation
When did you cry last?:last weeks.
Are you a friendly person:sorta
Do you have any pets:yeah,rabbit.
Where is the person you have feelings for right now?:nope
Did the last person who held your hand mean anything to you:nope
Do you sleep with the TV on:yeah
What are you doing now: tagging?LOL
Can you handle the truth: yeah
Are you closer to mother or father:mother
how many people can you say that you really loved:LARGEE!!!!
Do you eat healthily:NOPE
Have you ever cried about something someone said to you:yeah
How often do you go to church: i'm buddhist. a mi tah bha.
If you're having a bad day, who are you likely go to:shooping!!!
Are you loud or quiet most of the time:loud.
Are you confident:yeah

*angel koo
*xiao hui
*joo leang