Saturday, May 23, 2009

post deleted.

i deleted all my post.
immature and annoying.
honestly,that's really unbelieveble post.drama,immature,and bla bla bla.
so,i deleted all post and just left only one.
okayy,first i wanna say SORRY to *forgot dee.personal reason.
and wanna apoligiez for SO LONG din't update blog.*yawn.the same words.
okayy,there's a thing i cant forget is my mum fetch me to school then kinda like 45 minutes my mum came back to my school and sais my grandmum is in emergency (ICU) this is what they call.
and i almost crying.

*although my grandmum cant talk cantonese,chinese nor english.but i still love her.
*although me and her is just 1 days relatives.but,i still love her.actually is 14 years.between me and her
*although she speaks,talks,whatever it takes is different but i still love her.
*although sometimes she makes me hate her but i still love her.

okayy,i knew it a bit too late to say those thing because at least i knew how to love my grandmum and how to cry if my relatives are in danger.
so that day is really just disaster.rush back to home to get ready and have to bath in two minutes or whatever just to bck penang to visit my grandmum.
my dad is obviously is so nervous and do my mum.
AFTER reach penang,my grandmum cant recognise her daughter and son.
even my aunt told us that grandmum memory nerves is not takes maybe a long time to makes the nerves to get back.

it kinda aunt cry,cry and's sad to see own relatives cry huh?
i aint crying because i'm not that emotional.*slaps myself.
my dad keep asking she do youu know am i?
do youu know who am i?
keep on repeat the same time.
the answer (hmmm.ooooo)
the dad is so dissapointed and speechless.
BUT,she recognise my mum!what a GOOD!
they claps their hands after my grandmum said.

she:ahhhh.ahh sim ar.*this is what she call my mum.*name.
mum:laughing*yeah yeah.

and all people who's there claps their hands.
but when my dad came answer and zero recognisation.grandmum recover soon.
everyone's waiting youu to recover.