Tuesday, May 26, 2009


i'm so damn happy.
and yeah there's many people get caught that being cheat in exam.pittyy.
so yeah at teacher's day our beloved miss thang*please la*get the best teacher disipline.HMM.figuring why those idiot will vote for her.maybe she's too fierce.HAHAHA.
and i call siew boon senior to pass my regards to pui kuan.guess what.she scream.gosh.thankxx anyway.
i've nothing to post.ahh~i figure it out.

okayy slut.
if youu hate me,directly tell me youu bitch!
the one i talk please la think about this.
think before youu talk.
don't just talk whatever youu like.
care for people feeling then people will for yours.
whatever!go and fuck up with your bf or whatever.
dont annoy me again.