Sunday, May 24, 2009

honestly,i love that

my MSN connection died and sucks.
ohh yeah.
so i open my msn and i approve those who add my MSN.
and there's a guy who is a NONO for me.
he link me and chat with me.
first i thought he's those who are HAMSAP or LIER.
but,guess what.he's not.he's just wanna to be friends with me.*smile
and he not those buy that straight foward ask phone number or what.
he ask me those basic question.and say to me that he's not that kind of dirty boys or what.he just wanna be friends with me..
okayy,people i will be friends with him.
and he do really say jokes.
hope you're not that kind of lier.thanks.
he say a lot of things.
he din't ask those idiot question.
i would like to know more about him.
anyway nice to meet youu.=)