Thursday, September 24, 2009

here i come again

here i post again
nothing much to post
my ears gonna breaks down soon ,
mum nags like hell
seriously i dont like when she nag infront of many people
frankly , i feel like wanna throw all the stuff but whatever .
she's my mum .
nothing much to say .
imy yea again .
emo AGAIN .
i gotta stop this emo addictionand whatever .
gonna post maybe soon .

getting much much better after advises from someone .
see , i've view many people blog
drama , romance , love . even alone
i dont really cares
i think i need eye mo now .

and i meet back my old friends .
its wee lian !
i didnt thought that he still remember me .
HAHAHA . i cant even recognise him when i added him at fb .
lol . XD