Wednesday, September 23, 2009


random post again ,
i've nothing to do yet stay at home watch movie , online . blah blah blah
somehow someone really cheer me up !
thats you tim . thanks (:
he's a really great guy that i've never meet before . XD
i guess we meet up at tuition right ??
yeap (: i guess
that time you talked to me first .
then , we slowly become friend and now bff !
HAHAHA . fyi , he's kinda famous in my school for saying he's handsome .
duh , dont be perasaan tim .
whatever it takes . i love everyone's !
ohh yeah , im kinda frustated right now .
for no reason . everyone being cool with my friends for saying them bitch ?
okayy , this would makes my anger really hot .
eventhough im not really close with them but it makes me hot .
they didnt even thinks their feeling .
they need sympathy ? i dont think so , but for the other side we thinks you need sympathy right ?
* no offense
sighs . they even push them to toilet and argued .
maybe i shouldnt get in this matter
but whatever it takes back off bitch .
thats all .


im sorry ):
imy tim