Sunday, September 13, 2009

aku punya(:

im so damn starving .
i didnt eat dinner for the whole week .*applause
HAHAHA . seriously , im gonna diet diet diet .
uhh , shit , i 've many folios to do .
geografi and seni .
OH MY GOD . i'll pay her/him 50 bucks to complete my folios.
who would done it ? XD
today having meeting with joeger , jone gen , xiao hui , chan loon,
hui yi , huey wen and more .
one words to describe FUN !
hahahaha . really fun lor .
no idea whyy am i such excited ??
*screw me
aku really amat obsessed dengan kcy khoo che yan <33>
voon tsu ping <33
when you're mad , you really cute .
and kcy yalah i knew its not fair
but i think its fair !
hang out and compare ! XD
i love my babes(: