Saturday, September 12, 2009


see , i've changed my layouts .
im not very satisfied with my last last layouts .
zero satisfied ! so i decided to change it .
btw , is it okayy ?
*gaps . i've using many time to settle this down .
yeap(: at least i've done this right guys ?
my link lost and i've find them back .
at least im kindhearted right dude ? * no offense
hahahaha . and hor ! i losted my chatbox too !
wtf ? i've make a new account for my chatbox because i forgot
what my chatbow account password . really makes me wanna bang everything !
* banging the table !
okayy ! you see , i damn pissed of last friday !
because of someone of course .
teacher had changed my place with a someone that i dislike so much !
and for some reason she also dislike me because i get to say im a talkative !
and i talk non-stop since everyone say that im a cheerful people and i makes people laugh .
okayy , this girl started to make me annoy with her .
she started to take my pen and pencil makes me less stationary .
and then took my book and pass up to teacher without my permission . because she didnt bring book and she took my book and pretended that she bring her book !
but at last i get scolded from teacher ! wtf ?
i was like WTF ?
then i changed place and sit with my bff .
and she started alone and always turn her head around and ask me stupid question .
i really cant stand of it man ! XD
please get me out of you .

once one day she asked me this

she : ei , you got father bo ?
me : har ? of course got la !
she : mother leh ?
me : can you please stop asking nonsense question . really la ! stop la !

then she started to cry ! OMG !
please , makes me be patient with her .
p/s:im selected(: