Monday, September 21, 2009

back to blogging

i'm back to blogging after my nightmare .
i wanna hang out seriously .
just talked with tsuping just now .
i think what she just said is right . and she's so fcuking bitch .
i don't really care what other said about her yet i saw it with my pairs of eyes \.
and its reals . it really does exsists .
sometimes i don't really care if you said gossip about my friends .
at the same time yeah you really freaks me out .
you've changed a lot .
the way you talk , typing , chatting msn with me is definately changed .
you're not the old my bff . you're a backstabbers .
sometimes tim is right . maybe i'll just ignore you and say bon voyage to you .
you don't deserve me to say iloveyou .
and yet you dissapointed me . right ?
i've cried infront of tim . what other i can say ? just say bullshit to you .
and its not important for me whether you're right or wrong .
its depends on you not people .
i just wanna say that you've changed and i really hates you here .
im sorry and wanna to say iloveyou .
i knew you'll read my blog but im really sorry but to say ihatesyou .
im sorry and i hates you .
i guess the correct ending right ?
im desperate for friends right now .
and i need choong joi tim right now !
faster on msn la . i need you right now !
sometimes i love you and sometimes you make me cry .
i really dont know what to say . sighs
maybe i'll just keep my mouth shut and zip it off .

random post .

a random post can meant everything right ?
daddy bought me a new cells .
i dont know whats it call .
but im surely will like it .
its flip and black .
iloveit . thanks daddy . (:


shut the f*ck up and wipe your fcuking tears
and stop begging me .