Thursday, September 17, 2009

pissed off

im really fcuking pissed off .
i use mother laptop to online .
and the screen is small like an ant .
i cant even see it clear those words .
keyboard are small . sometimes will type wrongly .
and yeap dont blame for tying wrong ,
i was like wtf . this laptop make me wanna bang the whole world .
i've lost my patient to this laptop .
and also the wireless . ish
make me fcuking fed up asshole ,
see , i taklk foul words right now .
god please forgive me .

today really funny at school .

me and the whole class act as studdent and teacher .
so , as usual of course im the one who be the teacher .
i make them laugh seriously .
i walk in to the class with a pondan gay ass style .

me : okayy class , open page 73
the whole class laugh like hell

me : no laughing allowed okay !

they laugh again

girl 1 : teacher , may io go to toilet ? with a funny face*
me : NO NO NO . go sit down !

they laugh again .
i've no idea whyy they laugh lije they didnt laugh before .
makes me wanna laugh weyy .
then stops . teacher came to class .

li ching : bangun ! * a friend of mine

everybody bangun . then everyone look at me then started to laugh .
huh ? weird right ? then teacher ask whyy . gorl 1 told teacher everything and i get scolded .
ish . somehow with a funny xpression of course . HAHAHA .

okayy , i wanna say something very serious here .
i've a friends .it is a (was)
she's a bitch man !
i cant really believe that she's that kind of person .
after someone told me that she do something in .*whatever
i really want the old her . she changed a lot . it a lot .
i really very dissapointed with her .
im sorry to say that i want back my old friend ):

P/S: happy birthday kenji . amelia lim .
wish you have a great life . !