Monday, September 14, 2009


I think you're pathetic.
The way you handle things .The things you say that comes out wrong .
The way you're acting, putting up a front.
Thinkin you're so dope by being harsh.
Thinkin the definition of bitchy is by being rude.
you got it all wrong.
You're nothing but a joke.A really bad joke, its woeful.
I'm feeling rather horrid at the moment.
I dont get why people must kick you when you're already feeling down.Why cant they understand you and not you to do things you dont feel like doing.
You conclude that i dont care. but i do.
And if i dont show it crystal clear, pardon me.I tell my contentment. I share my despair.
Partially.You might think that you know everything about me.But what i feel deep inside is far beyond anyone's assumption.
I'm so tensed up right now, it shows. I despise finals.With so many things happening, i wish i could just go home and forget it all.
why must everything be so complicated.why cant there be downright pure cheating. no lust for any yearning for another's craving for another's kiss.

why cant break up just happen mutually.why must it always end up messy.why must people linger onto their past.why cant people make up their minds?its always easier said than done.i wish i can make my mind up. so , waits for me . i dont make the deal .

bon voyage):