Tuesday, October 27, 2009

bored with templates nowdays .
i mean real bored . so , nothing happens recently . just some biatch , diva's and idiots keep on act like a asshole . see , im getting even more mad if i mentions about you . thats wwhat i done in my blog . i dont give a shit of what you thinks about me seriously . go away cat . just go south . turn around , you find your mama back okayy cat . ohh yea , i knew im not as goodies as you but so what who cares . fyi , i dont really likes you . yea , i knew you're jealousing or whatever .
hide yourself inside the closet please . cat beg you hide . i dont wannabe like you .
i knew im not wannabe chinese famous indiano famous popular . fuck shits .
ahh , who cares ? dogs ? yea , you're right . maybe im not qualified enough to be a someone asshole . but you know what you actually not a asshole you act like a asshole .
idc what you thinks . but i do cares how you treat em .
like its important for me . idc what you face looks like but i cares of what em thinks . eventhough the hoo-hah laugh at you . but take a look at yourself in the mirror .
this look like gonna be a long post right ?
i called it quit guys . idc what you fuck .
but i cares what im doing . get lost .
btw , went to jone gen house for party !
hui yi , huey wen , xiao hui and me !
four girls 30 boys . cool huh .
we ate kinda lot actually .
have fun playing truth or dare with em .
loves em !