Tuesday, October 27, 2009


lee jun ki ku ~

he's awesome !
looking foward to watch sorority row (: hees(:

i laugh till i cry . but there a lot of meaning about every comedy . loves (:

there's a guy that so cute (: arh , btw its kinda sad at the end of the movie when they all gonna die ): nice movie . nice director . lot lot of meanimg found there .

im back (: its been a long sweet time that i didnt update my blog .first i wanna thanks to tim for cheering me up ! you dude ! and then exam is finally over ! HAHAHA .

and two more days to countdown .

joanne baby girl birthdays comes .

29 october . yea , idc if you guys didnt get me a present . wishes enough !

and and and just have fun from sabah . FUN !

no pictures uploaded . BUT , later ! hahhaha .

P/S : what will i get from you ?