Saturday, October 17, 2009


sighs .

sometimes , well i do really hates him .
okayy , today , this guy
i cant tell his name of course .
he's acting that he knows all of our daily activities yet he do not !
he's acting that he loyalty to my mother and helping her .
wtf ? he do not .
he scold my mother once and yea i hate him and im gonna kick his ass if he do that again .
he's act like he knows everything of me and my family .
im sorry to say you do not !!!
despite being alone in his house i hate him to come my house to sleepover .
and i can count that its more than my fingers .
so , yea i really hate HATE hate him .
the way he talks look likes some cow shit .
the way he look at people look like he eaten a (ubat kuat)
and yes , the way he talks to me .
seriously , get LOST LOST AND LOST from my family .
no , you dont deserve anything from my mum so yea lost away you asshole .
im angry yet you makes me more mad .
you really a cow shits and some asshole .
you ! get lost seriously .
we can do everything without you .
dont hopes us to treat you eat or whatever .
i dont wanna see you again . if yes , forced to see you .
i'll make you get lost from my terrotiry .
i'll if you challenge me ,
i'll scold like shits if your attitude like EWW !
so , yes do take notes on your attitude ,
no wonder whyy you always come my house so you can take money from my mum .
so now , NO !
you asshole fucking dude .
no wayy to you to makes my mum give you money .
not even a PENNY !
so , lost and lost and lost .
keeop your head up straight and told yourself you're a LOSER yet , you makes us hates you .
try to test my patience , you'll be very SORRY !
do not makes my heart fcuking angry you'll kneel down and beg me leave you alone .
dont thought that you're older than me .
you dont deserve my respect .
so , stop and stop and STOP
i dont wanna see you either talk .
its really exhausted when i saw YOU .
really , so dont talk to me either .
not that you're whatever guy ,
just because you're not a good dude attitude disease .
we hates you .
dont talk to me ever .

im pissed off .