Friday, July 17, 2009

to the those who lose their parents house .

todayy is the day which is we're going to the [Rumah Anak Yatim]
gather at school around 8 something .
and yeah many people are late . F*ck them
we're late to the house . and yeah we're going for our school projek and its free . who care ? XD
yeah , in the bus we're like the monkey laugh and laugh non-stop .
we're just so crazy .
we sang LOVE STORY by taylor swift
the climb by miley cryus
touch my hand .
urhh . with my pair of hand also wont count finish . duh
then reach the house and those kids were welcome us with a proper wayy and greet us with [ selamat sejathera ]
arr ! they are so freaking cute .
they so tiny .
futhermore they dont have television . what a hell . XD
then we get our self introducing ourself by one by one .
and its funny !
non-stop laughing .
honestly , lotsa of fun .
then we playy games that im the one who pretend to be a host and teache them how to playy .
we playy until we were sweat .
then eat our breakfast and then gotong royong .
urghh !
they got a beee home there !!
ans its bigg !!!! cant believe what i saw . pictures will upload ASAP .
then we continue our game and laughing non-stop like a crazy dude .
then its time for us to back home .
many people cry almost everyone .
but me , i can stiill happy and eating my snacks . *what a bad person
then while on the bus sang song again . ahaha .
and one of my friend say if i with youu together i'll be crazy . ahahaha !
its true . better dont tryy . XD
thenn , reach school around 8 something .
text my sister to fetch me . no replies from her . worrying like hell lor !
then something happen . arrr ! secret .
thats my destination . and i have losta of fun .

cant wait to watch harry potter tonight .
and its midnight !!!
really cant wait to watch .
swing my fingers and hips . *giggles

P/S:cant wait to see youu there .
i LOVE YOUU so muchh .
whyy am i miss youu ?
i LOVE yee darll .