Sunday, July 26, 2009

RPS canteen dayyy

my school canteen day sucks .
the haunted house is not scary and i go in almost 4 times . XD . geez
i go in with my babyyy . and its secret what we do inside .
first , she sayy to the ghost . (wait , dont touch me first , take picture picture first . chickk chakk ! )
HAHAHA . funny huhh ?
i almost laugh until i roll down . she so damn funny .
as usual walking with her there and nowhere .
go to toilet and took some picture . *geez
andd thenn she told me some secret . BWUAHAHA . I KNEW YOUR SECRET !
then , something bad happened .
a girl give her love letter ! WTF
she took her hand and sayy (please except me )
whatt the heck is she doing . thats my girl okayy !
then she ran away . she open and read it .
i read too !
erghh ! what she say really wanna make me puke !
then , she sayy wanna play haunted house again .
i accompany her to playy . after that we went to my class to fool around . took some picture and she treat me a cup of ice-cream , float and pasta !
thanks my babyyy ! loveyy doveyy youu .
she say she ll give me those picture we had but at last she flew her aeroplane . wtf
arr ! then she say her parents come to fetch her . i follow her to the gate just because wanna see her more . then , her parents come and fetch her . she hug me before she go and she gave me a text by saying ( thanks , i love youu . be good . never alone again )
i guess no one will und what she's trying to sayy . but i und ! yahooooo !

i guess she forget me .
she sayy she love me .
she have her own crush . and she forget me .
never to that to me again .
youu know who youu are .
i treat youu as my babyy and youu give me shit .
i knew youu just cant forget her and youu have a huge crush on her .
but please i'm the one who make youu brave to sayy i LOVE youu to her !
i'm nothing to youu .

P/S : i'm nothing to youu . i'm just a crap that youu step on it when youu need me
youu sayy you never leave me . but at last youu did leave me .