Wednesday, July 15, 2009


godamn it .
i'm damn hurt youu know .
whyy must i be the victim and youu be the leader .
it hurt me so much .
and i cant believe that .
and youu make my heart boil . seriously , i do hate youu .
please respect in a good wayy and shush away .
and yeah she my one and only .

i cant believe that wan mei change to leabian weyy
and i saw her coupling with her tb boyyfriend kat our school .
and i just LAUGH-MY-ASS-OUT
it sucha unbelieveble .
and theyy hold hands la . bla bla bla .
and she even aiyarr , just calm down man .
just hug nii laa .
but really cant believe *slapping my self .


okayy , tommorow is my performance
cant wait weyy
yuuhoo ~~~~!!!!!
wish me luck swing my ass !

P/S:i LOVE yee babe !
my baby hoi yee .
LOVE youu to the max
cant stop loving her .