Monday, July 27, 2009

i dont feel like wanna talk

i dont feel wanna talk that much .
because whenever what i talk there ll be someone gossiping and yeahh backstabbing of course .
okayy ! honestly , i started to hate her .
she reply people other text with just one word .as if (ok)
that's what she reply me . but it is a was .
thenn i have no idea what to reply her and she ll sayy whyy dint reply . blahh blahh blahh .
it irratated me alot obviously .
okayy . maybe im those girls who like to do whatever i like or maybe im just hapy go lucky .
but , seriously manyy people cant stand your attitude .
erghh ! even i cant . purhhleasee .

26.7.2009 .
meeting dayy .

banana came too earlyy
so , we go to eat our breakfast with banana and my other friend and my sister xiaou hui and joo ying .
then back to the place .
then many more people came and join .
hui yi came too ! XD
then , started to have our meeting . hueyy wen was so funny . LAUGH MY ASS OUT seriously .
she kept doing those funny things . ahahaha
banana too ! she always makes us laugh non-stop
then another people came join when its our half-meeting .
more and more and more !!! cant believe that
after our meeting . we chit chat for a while and took elvin car to MCD .
have our lunch there and playy (truth or dare _
erghh ! laugh out LOUD
so funny ! that banana laa ! keep making us laughs . damn la
joeger was there too . he makes us laugh a lot .
he talks about something that was unbelieveble and it is true storyy !!!!
then elvin put a lot of chili sos in his burger . yerr .
veryy hot lor . but he selamba like that eat nyy . geezzzzz
we dare joeger to kiss someone .
he really does . ergh ! he blushingg ! shhh !
then fetch joeger back sin . then fetch hui yi . and lastly banana .
erghh ! she very pervert minded ge lorhh .
sei mang sayy those under 13 punya words . apalahh . XD
then we went back home . hmm . funny dayy thou . geez

P/S:i really dont know whyy youu have to think that wayy
maybe im not deserve for youu to trust .
im really sad and dissapointed . * cries