Tuesday, July 28, 2009


seriously i'm a random person .
and i ' ve no idea whyy youu make me hate youu more and more .
i beg youu for godness sake . stayy away from me please .
todayy , as usual assembly boring like hell .
and yeahh teacher said us being pervert like never see before boyys .
and said those people are slut .
i was like wth ?
even teacher can say those words .
sighs . my school is just so teribble .
urghh ! tommorow have to go school early again . geez
im so tired honestly .
have that stupid koko .
gonna skip it . BWUAHAHA . XD .
ohh yeah i love this song be with you - akon
its damn so niceee .
whees !

hmm . im so tired this few days .
get no enough sleep and my eyes hurt .
is like red colour and all those nerve coming out . erghh !
really very scaryy !

erghh !
im not worth all this .
stop being good to me .
i hate all thiss .
please . go awayy from my life .

P/S : i miss youu