Friday, June 5, 2009

welcome home joo ying

welcome home jooo ying.>3
she's BACK !XD
yay yay yay !*LAUGH-OUT-LOUD
okayy !honestly i'm so damn glad that she's home from sabah.
am so fucking glad.
i do miss her so much.
she's the most noisyest at the home.
without her i guess no laughter.HAHAHA

dad don't let me hang out with my friends.
i'm sad honestly.
it's holidays dad.i wanna hang out but me our dad don't let.sighs
boring holidays.
later,we're gonnna go out and have our nicee dinner to welcome joo ying home.YAY
we're so gonna miss youu babe.
okayy !my senior everyday text me all the time.i've no idea why.*ergghh !
if i din't reply she'll keep sending the same text for me.GOSH.
is not annoying or what.even when i'm bathieee she still wanna me to reply her text.wth.

P/S:if you're jealous of me then they are going to lose.
aall your thoughts and sadness i want to keep.
as if it not exist
the person i expect is you.people in my surroundings tell me that i'm too aggresive.