Friday, June 5, 2009

it's time for me to do my homework

it's time for me to do my piles of homework.
if not i'm gonna get kill by my school teacher.
goddamn it
lotsa of homework
i've to do my sejarah folio
damn it lahh..i failed my sejarah.ish ish ish
i'm so bad.i do my revision.xiao hui told me that if wanna know sejarah better i've to remember all the points.
OMFG.i cant
futhermore,i din't take all my subject paper YET!
i cant imagine mann!
please do not let me know any subject marks if i get failed.
i cant imagine.really.i cant imagine.*slap my self.
please la!i really don't want
if have chance i rather to do again my sejarah for got saked.
please let me do once more.
BUT,it's too late.*cries
i ll do more better in my next exam.i hope so,
if not i ll get scolded by mummy !
i don't want that !
swing my hips and giggle.
*finger crossed
mum nag me not to online many times.
tell me to study because my sejarah failled.