Wednesday, June 17, 2009

aree youu died blog ? =(((

are my blogg is died ? i hope so not =((
manyy things happen this few weekss .
althoughh daddy din't brought us to go pangkor but daddy brought us to swimming . OMG .
after swimming the toilet is like EWWWWW !
so dirty ! there'a a lot of bee there . ish ish ish
digusting !
i ' ve no idea whyy those people cant bathh inside . maybe there were the one who bought those bees . LOL

okayy ! back to the sub-topik.
whyy are there so many gossip .
goddamn it . i hate that .
is youu got nothing to do so youu come and annoyed me ?
NO NO please .
don't annoyed me . i don't need youu .
honestly , youu have two sides face .
one , good infront of me .
two ,bad behind me .
she 's no idea what actually happening .
my friends din't tell her anything anything ! ANYTHINGG !
but , youu blame us for telling everything to her .
whyy are youu that stupid ?
please la . don't do anything that makes we guys hate youu .
you are getting worst to bad .
btw , youu ain't perfect darll .

N.I.E project .
gosh . this thing has taken me ages .
i do i do i do . and my friends just sat there and dreaming what she's gonna eat later ! XD
i find all those thing andd youu sat there dreaming yourr suckass food .
this makes me fed up . URGH !!!

sejarah folio makes me wanna puke .
that's a lot of thing wanna do . wth
wish me luck buddy .

P/S:don't try to hide honeyy.we got ourselves SULA
sweaty upper lip alert . and btw youu don't make the cut hunn .
[there's still a lot of thing i wanna tell youu]
[i love youu.]
[i'm MRS.Hang Geng]