Saturday, June 20, 2009

drag me to hell

joo ying brought us to parade to watch drag me to hell this movie .
hunn , seriously if youu have heart attack or anyting don't watch that movie .
it 's so horror
exciting dude !
it 's so excited .
i scream because when the old woman came out .
it makes my heart came out . WTF
makes me wanna cry . duhh
have fun with my sister

and joo leang gonna go to nilai .
8 MORE DAYS !!!!
is a 8 more days
i cant imagine how can i live without her
she ;s going ther for 3 years
i just cant do it
i miss those memories that we had
especially we fighting for choclate , ice cream , TV
and now she 's packing wanna leave ipoh and to to so farr .
altough is just between KL and Kedah
but i cant see her everyday :[[
she use to hug me when i 'm back from school nor make us laugh
is so difficult for me to let her go
and i just cant
i will cry , miss her lotsa
and just sit there waiting her come back and make us laugh again and again .
and now is too late to say those thing
i cry a lot
i miss her lot
and i will gonna call her everyday but it will make her feel annoying . :[[[[[
i hope she wont think like that
and now i ' m crying
please budhha do bless her for everything
she 's my beloved sister and my lovest sister
bless her and make her happy
thanks . and joo leang do take care .
i 'll so gonna miss youu a lot .

i guess life is like that .
a while hands off and a while hands tight
llife is meaningless without their care
andd now only i realise family is important
family is sooo important
their laughterr , cry , happy and mostly sadd when we 're having some difficult time . but we do appreaciate those time and we never let go
althought i 'm sad when dad and mum do that decision for * privasy *
although i cry and madd obviously .
it just OKAYY !
i'm okayy family
don't worry . and i love youu all .
and i have many problems right in my mind .
and i don't know how to solve it .
i just need someone to help me .
but i 've to do it on my own and let be my challenge .
i can do it . and i can make this over b*tch .
thanks to someone .

andd to someone . i update my blog lorr .
don't text me everyday and tell to update la .
annoy laa . go to school youu jau wait for me !
wanna revenge .
we can meet everyday werd . form 6 !
lalala ~ P/S : don't text me everyday ! or i 'll kill youu . LOL

p/s : i 'm just no one for her .
i 'm MRS.Hang Geng
i wanna see youu everyday .