Friday, November 6, 2009

short story

i checked my emails just now .
and i got this story about this poor lil girl .
she told me that everyday the writer is gonna publish one chapter .
yesterday it published one .
so yea i read it ,
and its pathetic ):
let the story begin . the first chapter .

once upon a time,there's a little girl called jennifer.
she got three sister and one brother.she was a good child.
she has parents that love her.
slowly growing up she begin eat a lot of food and gain weight.
nobody likes her.she was so fat like a giant.
but,her sister still love her.even her parents
but her mother always tease her by using many kinds of hurt words.
despite being alone,she get used to it.
eventhough she get scolded everytime,she dont care.
she knew that she got everyone attention.but she was wrong.
she was so fat till she got everyone attention and laugh at her.
how pathetic she was.then,one day her mother scolded her again.
always scolded her and telling her you're so fat.
i dont want you to be my daughter*
she always cry after her mum say that to her.she was so hurt.
she says to herself,she must decreases her weight!
then,she tried and ways.
she just keep living with her fats,
her sister loves her.she got a rich family background.she got everything what she wants.
shelove what she have,but what she wants actually is just a mum cares and not to scold her.
she wants her mum to try understand her feeling.
she got nothing about her wants.
based on true story.
next chapter,please waits for saturday.thanks.
-evan james-
i love this story(: