Saturday, November 7, 2009


checked my emails again .
stories coming !
HAHAHAA . eve send me this (:
i cant wait to next chapter .
btw , this chapter very sad ):
let the story tells .

it was a big shock suddenly to jennifer.
she realise that she in love with a guy.
and that guy name aden.
it was a big big shock to her.
she realise when aden put his arm around jennifer shoulder because of
aden was so cold.
he just need someone hug.
so,he does that.and jennifer misunderstood him.
she told her sisters and brothere.
her siblings told her to give up.
she was so sad.till she realise that she cant give up just because of small matters.
she tried to tell that guys that she had a crush on him.
aden didnt reject but just told her
jen:would you like me?
aden:i dont know.we just cant together.i treat you as friends this few year.nothing special
aden:yes,and also you need to slim your weight down.
jen:shut up
aden:im sorry.if you just decreases your weight,i think it would be better.
jen:shut the fuck digust me.i know im fat,but why dont give it a try?
aden:i just side to wall.its hard for me to take care of 200 paun.
slowly,jen slap him and charms him with saying,i hate you!
what would jen do?
will she commit suicide?
will she?or she decrease her weight?
next chapter on sunday.
thanks for see.
(the jen sweethearts heards you)
-evan james-