Sunday, November 1, 2009


hang out with girlfriends today .
i love it i love it !
suprises and a lot more .
i reach jj a bit earlier than others .
following by hoiyee . texted her thousand times . lol .
texted che yan too . rush her too come earlier . HAHAHA .
then went to register to kbox . heehee(:
hoi yee and cheyan keep dragging me to toilet .
is like sister call em to cam-whore at toilet .
so , call mai me lor .
then when go back to room . they started to sing birthday songs . HAHAHAHA .
i was really touched seriously . then ignore it .
keep on sings as loud as we can .
then hoi yee said she wanna go back ):
so , i accompany her and i buy somethings . thats key chain and it costs 12 bucks !
HAHAHA . im glad (: so she bought me baskin robin and it costs 15.50 bucks .
i was like wth ?? and then che yan went home .
a lil bit miss her ):
HAHAHA . lazy to type . pictures arrived .
lets the pictures shout !