Monday, June 22, 2009

phantom of the opera

our school had an activiti call ( DRAMA FEST )
and it ridiculous.
last year i 'm the one who act as a aprince because they say my face , the style i walk , my everything look like a man . wtf
so , teacher MAYBE want me to be a man again . wth wth wth
our class wanna act the phantom of the opera
and IT 'S MAYBE i ll be the lead character . * angry
i don ' t wanna act man .
it s embarassing when i forgot those script .
and last year i almost forgot . *recalling
sighs . GOD PLEASE .
and teacher want me to do all the script .
urhh ! honestly , i 'm sucha lazy . duhh
and i need to force myself to do .
and other girl just act . sighs
am so sighs sighs sighs .
and guys please no more pictures on me
imagine what ll happen if i 'm the one who act a man .
it ' s so terrible . *slapping my self

okayy . my mate which is si beside me call lau sheau ching
which is crazy and mental . she wanna give opnion about the drama . and she call me to say . wtf

me : aiyarr, youu sendiri sayy la.
she : mou la
me :just say la weyy
she : i scard lehh
me :aiyarr whatever la . tell me and i tell to teacher .
she :okayy . *explain everything
me:okayy . i tell to teacher now
she : okayy okaayyy .

ishh . she always pinch my face or hands to let me not to sleep during maths
it so boring .
she always nag me whenever i 'm sleeping or playing with friends .
she always start wit (weyy ar , study la , mouu playy la )
and my responce to her is yalahh yalahh
she was the one who most understand me whenever i 'm sad , cry , happy even mad . she won t say anything if i gossip about anyone and she ll just say forgive people la . she also human mar .
then i ll sayy (sighs,maybe i should do what youu said )
she will touch my shoulder and smile at me .
honestly she's good .
she sayy that i 'm her BFF. LOL
beside me no one will understand her .
well , that 's bff should do buddy .
hees :]]]
good luck for exam and BFF .
ohh yea almost forgot don 't always pinch my face la .