Sunday, June 28, 2009

joo leang ( we miss youu )

todayy is the last night joo leang at ipohh .
i ' ll miss her .
just now when joo leang said something *forget dee*
i drop my tears . and it ' s non - stop .
whyy ?
i din 't appreciate her when she 's here . and now regreting maybe it 's too late .
and i cant forget her idiotness .
our family will be more silent without her .
i ve no idea whyy .
i kept thinking am i suppode to attend the school tomorow?
because i want to see her steps inside her college life then my heart will be better . am i suppose to go ? or attend the school ?
i ve no idea . i wanna go to joo leang college to see her steps inside her college life BUT i 'm scared teacher will send warning letter to her .
i'm scared . because i ve two days dint attend the school .
and yeah i ll follow what my heart sayy .
but i ' m sure mum and dad will never let me go because of studies .
i'm speechless . sighs sighs sighs
please god let me go KL to see her steps inside . i hope so .
andd yeahh joo theng too !
she going to kedah to continue her work as a nurse .
honestly , i'm dont know what to do without them .

i'll miss when she pinch me
i'll miss when she makes me laugh
i'll miss when i get scolded she will comfort me
i'll miss when she hug me
i'll miss her voice
i'll miss her everything

BUT NOW , maybe it 's too late to tell her that because she gonna go NILAI within least than 24 hours .
PLEASE GOD , bless them for god sake and give her everything what she wanted.
and never let her sad . and never let her faill in everything .
honestly , i'm crying while write this post
because i ll miss her .
no one 's know i cryy . i miss her a lot . ITS A LOT !!
sighs *
we love youu WOOI JOO LEANG